To Our Readers: Leaders are more than managers

Linda Kaminski, ACSA President | September | October 2019
We come from many different districts throughout the state of California. The demographics of our student populations may differ, the size and focus of our schools and districts may differ, but we have one common goal: We are all in education because we believe in the transformational power of education. We are here for our students and we want to make a positive impact in their lives.  At times, challenges arise that threaten to take the focus off of the success of our students. Hiring practices, labor relations, staff development, conflict resolution and teacher retention are issues that have the potential to divide our focus and divert much-needed time, energy and resources from the most critical aspect of our education system, our students, which is why this issue on management is vital to what we do as leaders in education.  In this issue, State ACSA Board member Daryl Camp provides us with a look at what we as leaders need to do to recruit and retain teachers of color. He asks a crucial question, “Why would I want to be a teacher?“ The Ocean View School District has launched a district-wide collaborative effort between labor and school administration, which has made a difference in the community. A team of educators from the Los Angeles Unified School District showcases a practical approach to supporting our teachers. Another article from Jaime Bonato focuses on the seven practical ways school leaders can prevent new teacher attrition. Stephanie Pierce, an assistant superintendent in southern California, discusses teacher efficacy in this edition, and legal experts at Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud and Romo discuss the benefits of diversity on our school campuses. Finally, Patricia Clark White and Keith Larick write about transforming conflict to find common ground.  I have long appreciated the gift of learning from dedicated educators who serve the students of California. I encourage you to read the best practices in this issue and submit your own as well. If you have any research, tactics, or case studies regarding management and leadership practices or any of the other topics in this edition, send them to Sharing our strategies extends our repertoire for serving the students and staff in our schools.

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