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Ending bullying can change lives for the better

By Emmanuel Sanmiego, Magnolia Elementary School | May | June 2021
Bullying has been a global problem for years, sadly. Even when the people who are getting bullied or even the people who are bullying go through tough times, bullying is never the solution. Many people bully others and many people have to go through getting bullied.
Don’t listen to the bad but think of the good
Many people have gotten bullied and it’s not a nice feeling, and the thing is that bullying happens so much that you don’t even have to go through it to understand why and how it’s wrong and how it feels. This world can be a very cruel place at times, which is unfortunate. But the good thing is that there are also really respectful and thoughtful people in this world. Some people think that bullying or teasing someone might be fun or funny, but all you’re really doing is ruining someone’s self-esteem and hurting them. People who do that are bullying people because they have nothing better to do or because of something that may be happening in their life. But bullying is never the way, and an unbelievable amount of people have committed suicide because they were bullied. That’s very sad because someone took themselves out of this world because of someone else’s actions. Negative words have a negative way of impacting people, which is why we should think of what we are going to say before saying anything.
Be brave, be strong and believe
Helping someone who is getting bullied can change their lives, believe it or not. Helping someone who is getting bullied stand up for themselves or learn to not care is such a good deed. No matter your age, your race or your gender, you can help someone and help yourself by ending bullying. The amount of people who have passed away is terrifying and unacceptable. To end bullying, we need to make sure it never happens again. If you see someone or you are getting bullied, remind them or yourself that it makes no difference what they say about you. Don’t listen to anything negative, because that’s where people usually give up and let the bullies win. Don’t let others’ words have more value than your own opinion of yourself.
Be you
The way to be the best you is to believe in yourself and not listen to what other people say negatively about you. Only
listen to the good about yourself, and keep working to allow so many better opportunities and more for yourself. The only way to improve yourself is to believe in yourself no matter what. If you want to work out more or learn something new, make a routine and stay dedicated to it. Anything and everything you want to improve can be achieved by paying attention, believing and staying focused. You have endless possibilities and don’t let any bully or anyone stop you from doing what YOU want to do and doing what YOU love.
Help someone in need of help
One time I was in the schoolyard and I saw someone take someone else’s glasses and started running around with them and didn’t give them back. This is an example of what some people do besides insulting and saying names and sadly more. I then ran towards the bully and asked him for the glasses back because fighting back is never the way. Fighting fire with fire will cause more fire. He then gave the glasses back and I gave them to my friend. This shows how by helping someone else by standing up against a bully you can make their day and help them with their self-esteem. Helping someone can be as easy as giving them a fist bump or giving them a compliment. There are so many ways you can help someone in need, and even if they aren’t in need you can make their day with even just a simple compliment.
Help me make an impact
Help me put a stop to bullying. Help me by helping someone who may be getting bullied at your school or on your team. You can help anyone anywhere at any time. If you get bullied, stand up to them and tell them who you are! Be confident and tell them to stop what they are doing. Together we can make a positive impact on this global problem and end bullying for good.
Emmanuel Samniego attends Magnolia Elementary School in the Azusa Unified School District.
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