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Association of California School Administrators
Coming back to campus
By Jolie Villa | May | June 2022
Coming back on campus was fun, but hard. Every day, we had to wear masks and stay 3 feet apart. But there was always something new to learn in school. Each week, every single thing from recess to just learning something new became harder and harder. Everything was being reinforced from wearing masks to standing more than 3 feet apart. We couldn't play any games during morning recess. It was either standing on a dot or walking and talking during morning recess. Me and my friend Scarlett always liked recess or lunch recess better for some reason. Having to wear our masks was like being trapped in a cage. Even though we know it is good for us, we would like to be let out. School time was much more fun in the classroom than staying on a dot. For example, since we are learning fractions we get to use cookies or chocolate and get to eat them.
So, in conclusion, some things are hard coming back, but most of them are easy. Everything can be solved, even this pandemic.

Jolie Villa attends Cullen Elementary School in the Glendora Unified School District.
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